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Similarities Between Bingo and Keno

When it comes to casual gaming in the casino, there are two games that epitomize the meaning of the word “casual” better than any other gambling sport out there, and those two games are Bingo and Keno.  While there are most certainly some differences between the two games, there are more than a few passing similarities in the two games.

For starters, both games are based on the concept of the lottery.  Numbers are randomly selected and called out, as an audience scans their respective tickets to see if they have the winning combinations of numbers necessary to win money or prizes.  Both Bingo and Keno adopt this same tactic of play, allowing players to mark their cards with markers in hopes of building a winning combination with their chosen numbers.

The number generating and announcement process is also the same between the two games.  Both Keno and Bingo use a ball system that is housed in a machine that spins the balls about with a strong gust of air.  One ball at a time is cycled out in a random manner, which is then sent to a tube, and its number is then read by out by a caller.  It is at this point that players begin to mark their cards with the numbers called.

Both Bingo and Keno are also social games for a more expanded audience of gamer.  While both games are found in casinos, they are also events that would not be out of place at a church function or a little café that is tucked away. Or even a state Lottery (like NY’s “Quick Draw”). These games do not need the high energy moving and shaking found in the main casino areas, and both certainly can house more than one table full of players. In fact, seating is more social, resembling more an auditorium than a gaming table. People can talk to each other, relax, and eat while they play – they are both very slow paced, casual games.

Bingo and Keno have both been long standing games that provide excitement with the random generation of numbers, the anticipation of each called number, and the thrill of marking that number off your ticket.

So in making one’s way over to the casino, when you need a little down time from the Poker and Craps tables, but still want to play something fun, be sure to check out a Bingo or Keno game in progress.  Who knows?  If you end up liking one game, you are that much closer to understanding how the other one works, and diversity in gaming is always a good thing.

Good luck out there, and may you always have a full ticket!

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